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Mark Borkowski

close up image of Mark Borkowski in a blue spotty shirt wearing glasses

Mark Borkowski is a PR Guru, master media manipulator and publicist

He is the man they see when producers need authoritative comment on scandals, celebrity and the media itself. His opinion is often sought on the latest reality TV shock-horror story, a celebrity’s faux pas or on the craft of PR itself. Whenever the celebrity news agenda hits hysteria point, Mark offers thoughtful analysis, a wry point of view and an insider’s insight.

That insight is drawn from hard-won experience. He’s not merely an academic observer of the media and its celebrity machinations: he’s in it, up to his neck, every day. Mark has handled PR for some of the biggest names in the business and continues to do so. He has worked for Eddie Izzard, Graham Norton, Joan Rivers, Macaulay Culkin, Sir Cliff Richard, Shirley Bassey, the Bolshoi Ballet, Cirque du Soleil, the Three Tenors, Michael Jackson, Michael Flatley and Michael Moore. His roster of the rich and famous even extends to Mikhael Gorbachev and Diego Maradona.

A whole roster of off-the-wall, radical and groundbreaking acts owe their success in this country to Mark’s tireless, committed and passionate approach to PR. The list includes everybody from the original Stomp, through to the Kodo Drummers and The Shaolin Monks.

Mark has also publicised some of the best TV drama series over the past decade – including Spooks, Our Friends in the North, The Lakes, and 40, and he launched The Word, The Girlie Show, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and They Think It’s All Over.

Mark has been behind the high public profile of a string of West End successes, and his portfolio includes cult classics such as American History X, Best in Show, and Thank You For Smoking, as well as multi- million- dollar box office hits like The Matrix.

Mark writes opinion pieces for the broadsheets, and produces a regular, provocative and cogent column in The Guardian Online, (“Stuntwatch”) which frequently focuses on corporate and political abuses of the media. In academic and industry circles he is a respected lecturer. During the course of the 2nd Gulf War, he established a significant American audience through his repeated, thoughtful and detailed criticism of the techniques employed by the US propaganda machine. On this subject he wrote a BBC3 documentary How The War Was Spun.

In 2004 Mark took to the stage at the Edinburgh Festival with the premier of “Son of Barnum: A Stunt Too Far” his live one-man exploration of the world of the publicity stunt. Part lecture, part performance, his run at the Fringe was greeted with genuine appreciation, as well as laughter. The stories he tells in the show are those of the publicists of the past 150 years, going back to Barnum himself in the mid nineteenth century.

Following this Mark was commissioned to write a book “In Search of the Sons of Barnum” which is now titled “The Fame Formula” this was published in 2008


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