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Sophia Cannon

Sophia Cannon

sophia cannonSophia is the social justice and political commentator and barrister able to chat with ease on British politics. She makes politics, accessible to the British public: in their cars, in their homes.

She’s a Twitter MILF! “The Mother I’d Like to Follow! ” Tweeting under her cheeky moniker, @UndercoverMutha she’s well placed to talk on wide range of subject, relevant to and representing, The General Election 2015.

sophia cannon papers and twitterA 40 year old, mother of mixed race twins, she’s able to talk with credibility about the 5 big issues: NHS, immigration and race, housing, even Europe and the economy. Moreover, she uses ‘MumEnomics’- how does economics and fiscal policy affect the ‘ordinary family’ in a way the British public can understand and take home.

sophia cannon TVHer tweets are retweeted, hundreds of times, her articles are counter intuitive – she refused to call ex UKIP councillor, Rozanne Duncan a racist – she invited her round to tea!

ITV Logo grey backShe has a commanding studio presence. She’s, tall and elegant, wears bright, colourful ‘Nigella’ style dresses to suit her trim yet intellectual image. She’s booked on ITV on Election Night already.

Her Frostrop slow radio voice, warms the listener, with a melodious, polite yet polished, gentle Yorkshire tone.


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