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Mark Thompson


Mark has inspired millions of viewers to get out and enjoy the night sky through his role as a presenter on the RTS nominated show BBC Stargazing Live. His passion for reaching out to a new audience has found him working on The One Show, the Alan Titchmarsh show and Channel 4 documentaries and more recently on ITVs prime time breakfast show This Morning. He is also a regular face on BBC Breakfast and Five News and a regular voice on Radio Five Live.

f473858d-8b63-4bb4-8200-b5dcd2eb5371When not working in TV or Radio shows he is most likely to be writing about it having produced popular columns for Discovery News and Sen or studying it. Mark has now published his fourth book following on from the success of his first “A Down to Earth Guide to the Cosmos” which revolutionised public understanding of the universe. In addition Mark can be seen on yahoo.com explaining the peculiarities of weather in a series of on-line films commissioned by Yahoo and his new online project The Astronomy Show goes online and digital in September 2015.

Not only is Mark an enthusiastic astronomer who loves studying the Universe but he is also a qualified pilot. Born in Norfolk he has had a fascination with all things in the sky ever since he was a small boy.

Mark has been a contributor on the Sky at Night and The Culture Show and now enjoys bringing the beauty of the night sky down to Earth through many different outlets. Embracing social networking media, Mark ‘tweets’ regularly with tens of thousands of followers and he is now working with a number of agencies on some exciting new projects for the coming years.

At the age of 10 he got his first view through a telescope; Saturn in all its glory. It ignited a passion that has stayed with him ever since. As an astronomy populariser, he has been keen to show a new, enthusiastic and fresh face to the public and to that end has for the last 20 years, lectured on a vast array of astronomical subjects from the Moon to Black Holes and the end of the Universe. He has lectured at the Royal Institution in London, the National Astronomy Meeting and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and many science and literature festivals around the country. His recent ‘Stargazer’ tour has received rave reviews at over 20 venues around the country. In October this year, Mark is lecturing for 24 hours in a bid to raise thousands of pounds for Marie Curie.

His research interests have chiefly centred on deep space, the study of stars exploding at the end of their lives and of distant galaxies believed to host super-massive black holes in their cores.

Please also see http://www.markthompsonastronomy.com/


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