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Oh look. Men bullying women into silence at their tyranny. So proud of Taylor for speaking up for what’s morally ri… https://t.co/zl26cZOkuZ
15 Nov - 6:07am
@peterhenry9 Impossible to forget. When God made my mother He threw away the mold. She was unique. 9 children & edu… https://t.co/v2BFxsCHHJ
14 Nov - 1:53am
RT @emsayle: Motherhood Mayhem & madness, chatting to one of my favourite homies and equally batshit humans 😍 @ChemmySki https://t.co/cMC…
13 Nov - 2:51pm
RT @darrellmann: All work on hold while I attempt to make a full-house of #Brexit treasonists. Not quite there yet, but thanks, @brexitnotw
14 Nov - 8:13pm
14 Nov - 5:22pm
On @SkyNews shortly discussing how the respective political campaigns are going
15 Nov - 12:27pm
RT @joswinson: I’ve got loads, probably quicker if you just let me come along. #DebateHer https://t.co/PgQpYK5MOl
7 Nov - 2:05pm
@PhilPdale Hope your feeling better you missed a great evening xxxxxx
14 Nov - 1:40am