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@alexi @darrensands Strange defence, isn’t it? It doesn’t surprise me at all if this is how he treated women.
25 Sep - 5:36am
What an honour to be among #EverydayHeroes this evening at the @stjohnengland @stjohnambulance & Presenting the Guy… https://t.co/qKfQImu1gJ
25 Sep - 12:31am
Interview with a Ravenmaster at Tower of London @timeoutlondon 😂 https://t.co/Tde1O7G0ZT
25 Sep - 8:18am
RT @TheSkiClub: A new job vacancy at the Ski Club. Find out more about the Leader Support Assistant role here: https://t.co/74rYntovlV #j
23 Sep - 10:42am
Do you want to appear on a BBC1 programme? 📺 If you are Muslim or Jewish and don't consider yourself religious, but… https://t.co/TBZkDbov5I
25 Sep - 10:23am
RT @epkaufm: Higher immigration levels during 1910-1930, by city, are associated with reduced support for redistributive spending (pressure…
25 Sep - 11:19am
@DickieBendicks Yes and thank you, how very kind! #inthepink
21 Sep - 2:03pm
RT @ChristmasDayLun: @onebiggins Would be great if you could RT. We're fundraising to hold the 8th Christmas Day Lunch for elderly people…
24 Sep - 5:43pm