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RT @bbcsoutheast: Britain's first purpose-built village for people with dementia could be created in #Canterbury. https://t.co/3BvfOmcXki
21 Aug - 10:53pm
RT @Jeffrey_Archer: Looking forward to being part of @edfests this year- heading there on Monday. ticket info - https://t.co/nudr7PUTiM
21 Aug - 9:04pm
and its getting worse... load of detail in report and it opens up lots of questions as to why. #sceptic you need to… https://t.co/CTGXf62Rmt
11 Aug - 6:49am
@jennyjonessnow @TeamGB You nailed this at my wedding with one arm!! Champ
21 Aug - 8:37pm
RT @Monocle24: The Globalist: @basbrinkmann explains how Angela Merkel’s election campaign is shaping up https://t.co/mO571yMrzk
22 Aug - 10:22am
@aiww Ha! This is turning into a maze already! Where is my compass?
22 Aug - 7:49am
RT @holland_tom: Slave-owner, imperialist, slaughtered large numbers of East Europeans, invaded Iraq. Pull his statue down! https://t.co/FK…
22 Aug - 3:14pm
RT @cher: THANX💋,THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN…👻 “Trumps Ass/Visible Panty line”IS MY MOST LIKED/RTD🎉TWT EVER..🎂🕊 https://t.co/1WK5PbQUqW
29 Jun - 11:22am
1 Jan - 12:00am