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RT @RachaelRuble: Actually, no. In Turkey I see people wearing masks everywhere and doing their part to protect others without complaint. I…
10 Jul - 6:12am
Today in 1948 The United States Air Force accepts its first female recruits into a programme called Women in the Air Force (WAF)
8 Jul - 5:17am
RT @Monocle24: The Globalist: @Amy_Verdun on which direction Angela Merkel wants to steer the EU https://t.co/vwqjvpdImI
9 Jul - 4:43pm
RT @RSLiterature: We are excited to hear that Brussels will be naming a public square after the Brontë sisters. https://t.co/40hLgc8xVg Y…
9 Jul - 8:01am
Lovely - this structure made with wood will last 1000 years those made with steel and concrete maybe 200 years https://t.co/KAYlRUSI1e
9 Jul - 10:53pm
RT @jackmalvern: @Kitmanager136 You're welcome, Kit. Thank you for saying so. All credit to @NinaMyskow of Saga's Not Going Out Club. Full…
3 Jul - 6:27am
4 Jul - 9:16pm