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Julia Kendell

Julia Kendell

With 30 year’s experience in renovation , refurbishment and interior design,Julia specializes in property remodelling and interior transformations.
Moving effortlessly between television assignments and her established professional career working on multi-million pound project s to small charitable concerns , Julia enthuses passion and energy.

In 2008 Julia built her first eco self-build, since featured in dozen s of magazines, and was a finalist for the coveted Grand Designs ‘ Best Eco-Build’ award. In 2018 she will l under take her next ‘big build’.
Julia is best known as a guest interior designer on BBC1’s hugely popular DIY SOS, and has taken part in eight series, including a Children in Need special, and was instrumental in successfully taking the programme from a 30 minute format to the regular 60 minute ‘Big Build’. Julia is also a regular on ITV1’s 60 Minute Makeover series, having been on the interior design team for nine series including the new-look shows presented by Peter Andre. In 2015 she filmed a tx pilot for ITV “Rebuild Our Home”, with Nicky Campbell. Over the past 10 years she has made regular contributions to ‘GMTV’, ‘This Morning’, ‘Live with Gabby’, ‘BBC Breakfast’ and the ‘Alan Titchmarsh Show’
Julia is determinedly ‘hands-on’ and has been described as the ‘Nigella of DIY’ showing no mercy with power-tools. She has endless creativity for upcycling and creating stunning, bespoke items to reflect the interests and passions of her clients.
In the past 12 months Julia has designed and launched a new range of Dining Furniture in collaboration with ‘Danetti’. In 2017 the range will be expanded to include Living Room furniture.
Writing for several noted magazines and regularly featured in the newspapers. Julia shares her wealth of knowledge and believes that everyone can, and should have a beautiful home, whatever their budget or situation. Her passion for upskilling others extends to delivering seminars in the fundamentals of design theory at the Ideal Home Show, Grand Designs Live and Homebuilding and Renovating Shows. For 2 years Julia took on the role of mentor and ambassador for Homebase Design Academy introducing and training selected, talented youngsters into the industry.
In 2017 Julia is working to build on her social media presence and has just launched her new brand ‘Relaxed Home; with a philosophy of creating homes that are a joy to live in with the focus on surface materials as key to the aesthetic, combined with comfortable, long-lasting furnishings.
Her latest projects in 2017/18 have included inspirational videos ‘Small Change, Big Difference’ and ‘Kerb Appeal’ for Homebase and heading up ‘National Tile Week’ across the UK.

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