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Sharon Wright

Sharon Wright speaker profile

Sharon Wright is an award-winning journalist and author of critically acclaimed nonfiction about extraordinary women lost to history. She also writes comedies for the stage.

Born and raised in Bradford, her career as a journalist took her to senior positions on national magazines and newspapers… and marriage to a Londoner. Now she divides her good life between Surbiton, queen of the suburbs, and Yorkshire, God’s own county.

Sharon’s long and varied writing career has taken many forms, from investigative journalist to newspaper columnist, magazine editor to national commentator, sell-out speaker to popular playwright and now, bestselling author.

A prolific writer, Sharon shares fellow Bradfordian Charlotte Brontë’s attitude: “I’m just going to write because I cannot help it.”



The Mother of the Brontës: When Maria Met Patrick (Pen & Sword)

“The first ever biography of the Brontës’ mother is a fine bit of detective work” ★★★★★ The Daily Telegraph

“Beautifully researched and vibrantly written” ★★★★ Daily Express

Who was the enigmatic MrsBrontë? Sharon’s groundbreaking new biography of Maria Branwell reveals a remarkable woman who spent 200 years in the shadow of her gifted children, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë.

The witty, clever and resilient lady of letters, lover of Patrick and mother of genius had been missing for too long. The extraordinary Brontës were a family like no other and it all began when Maria met Patrick. Their passionate love story produced the most gifted literary siblings the world has ever known, the authors of masterpieces such as Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

This biography is the book they said could never be written,yet Sharon’s painstaking original research reveals the astonishing life story of a Regency lady of letters and Maria’ sinfluence on her gifted daughters.

Sharon also uncovered skeletons in the Brontë family closet – ties to notorious smugglers in eighteenth-century Cornwall – that made headlines in the Observer, Times and Daily Mail.

Launched by The Brontë Society in summer 2019, the hardback quickly became a #1 Amazon bestseller. The paperback is released in January 2020, the bicentenary of the birth of Anne Brontë, Maria’s last child.

Balloonomania Belles: Daredevil Divas Who First Took To The Sky (Pen & Sword)

“History has never been so much fun.” What’sHerName

Sharon has written the only history of the brave, hilarious, tragic and downright bonkers adventures of the female flying pioneers. Serialised in the Mail on Sunday on UK publication, Sharon wrote about an American aeronaut in the New York Post to mark its US release.

As The Aeronautsmovie brings a fictional female balloon pilot to the screen, Sharon reveals the true stories of the real magnificent women in their flying machines. The lady aeronauts were the liberated stars of saucy cartoons, ludicrous fashions, balloon riots, death-defying experiments, record-breaking ascents and fabulous feuds from the 1780s to 1900s. They took their freedom in the air when there was none on the ground. Sharon shows that you never could keep a good woman down.



“Sharon is that most remarkable of journalists, she can report vigorously and write humorously.” Margi Conklin, Sunday Editor, New York Post

“Sharon’s copy is always sparkling and, when it needs to be, very funny.” Mernie Gilmore, Women’s Editor, Daily Express

Sharon has been a writer and editor on a string of national magazines and newspapers. She has written on a huge range of subjects, from the serious Guardian article opposing church schools that drew the paper’s biggest education postbag, to Hughie Green Killed My Granny in Take a Break.

She has been the editor of foodie magazine Grub, columnist in the Daily Express and Red, acting deputy editor on Glamour, contributing editor on Eve, true life writer on Take a Break and contributor for a host of titles ranging from The Lady to the Mail on Sunday.

Whether stumbling after a ghost-hunter as a cub reporter or interviewing Olivia Newton-John for a cover story this summer, Sharon is a true all-rounder. That half the famous titles on her CV are now dead, dying or digital could make her depressed if she wasn’t writing books.

Sharon treats her narrative nonfiction as just good journalism with a better word count.



“If David Croft and Jimmy Perry were still writing sitcoms then it might look something like The Social Notwork … Wright’s characters feel as though they belong in a long-running series… you want to tune in next week to find out what happens next.” ★★★★ The Reviews Hub

“There’s a real whiff of classic humour with a nod to the late, great Victoria Wood’s Dinner Ladies too with the down to earth Northern lasses. With super-sharp writing and acute observations… this play is high on fun and a real laugh out loud treat.” ★★★★London Pub Theatres

“The comedy flows: there are no contrived jokes or one-liners, and it all proceeds as if spontaneous from the relationship between the friends.” ★★★★Everything Theatre

Sharon’s plays share an underlying theme: you have to laugh or you’d cry. ‘The Social Notwork’ played to full houses every night of its run at RADA during Camden Festival and went on to a successful run at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in London. ‘Full Fat’ drew sell-out audiences as a winner of the one ACTS Festival at the corner HOUSE Theatre in South West London. ‘Friller’, a ghost story, enjoyed a sell-out premiere at Haworth Festival and Sharon rewrote it as an immersive Halloween drama at Ponden Hall in Yorkshire.


Broadcast guest

Sharon has appeared as guest on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour,

BBC Radio London’s Jo Good show,London Live TV, BBC Radio Merseyside,BBC Radio Berkshireand Talk Radio Europe.

She has also been interviewed on influential women’s podcasts such as Radio Gorgeous and The Doorin Britain and What’s Her Name in America.



“Sharon Wright’s talk on The Mother of the Brontës was completely sold-out. The audience were fascinated by the story and totally engaged with the discussion. Waterstones had healthy book sales too, which is always a good sign.” Jane Beaton, Co-Director, Guildford Book Festival

Sharon enjoys giving talks to book clubs, festivals and historical societies.Recent events include leading an expert tour around Brontë Parsonage Museum,a lecture to the Georgian Group in Fitzroviaand an evening of words and music at the Sound Lounge in Wimbledon.Sharon’s evening behind the scenes at Ilfracombe Museumdescribing MrsBrontë and the Devon shipwreck was another sell-out.

Forthcoming events include delivering a paper at a Brontë symposiumat the University of Sheffield and engagements at Southwark Cathedral,Morrab Library in Penzance and Gothic Bookclub at Strawberry Hill. Sharon is also holding a writing retreat in Yorkshire in February 2020.


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