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Niki Schafer

Niki Schafer writer fashion and design

Niki Schäfer is a balancing act – her roots are from Yorkshire, her thinking from California, her design business is fabrics and fabulousness, yet she relaxes with kickboxing and neuroscience. Her passion is to design spaces, but her focus is always on people.

Interior Designer

Niki loves homes and has lived in more than 100. An upbringing in the RAF and a love of traveling took her through 45 countries and homes of all shapes, styles and sizes. Returning to the UK in 2001, she attended two of the best interior design schools; KLC School of Design and Chelsea College of Art & Design, and shortly after her studies she set up Dwell-Being Ltd to design residential properties in the Home Counties.

However, it was marriage and motherhood that really taught Niki the value of home happiness and the balance of relationships in the house. Inspired by these ideas, Niki studied to become an NLP coach and found her unique approach to design: wellbeing and home happiness.

Writer & Speaker

Prior to interior design, Niki worked in advertising for several blue chip clients including Nestle Rowntree, Unilever, BBC and Cablevision in London and New York. There she also contributed her photography and articles to various magazines and newspapers including the New York Times.

Today Niki writes and speaks about ‘dwell-being’ – her own blend of thinking strategies and design techniques. Niki is passionate about helping today’s women design an environment that will not only look beautiful, it will also keep them happy (and sane!). Her book “Creating Space- how to design your calm, sane, outrageously gorgeous home and family-life” and her various workshops on designing inspiring environments encompass her thinking.

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