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Amanda Platell


Amanda Platell is a journalist and television presenter and was formally the Press Secretary to William Hague the then Leader of the Conservative Party.

Amanda has a regular column in the Daily Mail and appears regularly as a guest onThe Andrew Marr Show reviewing the newspapers and other news and current affairs programmes and has appeared onThe Apprentice, You’re Fired, Daily Politics, The Alan Titchmarsh Showand This Morning. Other shows have included How Euro Are You?andCrisis Command: Could You Run The Country, and Morgan &Platell for Channel 4 where Amanda co-presented the programme with Piers Morgan.

Amanda started her journalistic career on the Perth Daily News in Australia,she has since gone on to work on The Observer and the Sunday Express. Amanda has also worked on the London Daily News, was Deputy Editor on Today, Managing Editor of the Mirror Group and Managing Director of The Independent. In 1996 Amanda was the acting Editor of the Sunday Mirror and in 1998 was appointed acting Editor of The Sunday Express.
In 1999 Amanda published her first novel Scandal, about women in the newspaper industry.